Mrs. Beasley Glasses
I'm unable to sell these right now because of the mailing
problem I'm having with these.
Mail from my City (Dawson Springs, Ky.) goes directly to (Evansville, Indiana).
Since the city of Evansville is in a Red Covid19 Zone. The glasses packages they receive gets slowed down. This is a drag and I sure wish they could hurry things along. 
 So far I've had 3 cases from buyers because of this slow down. Two have finally arrived but one is still waiting for it's arrival. So until they are out of the Red Zone I will not sell anymore until then. But hope to continue after the mail starts to improve.

My Glasses Are Currently
I will be making More Soon
Will Be Making More Glasses Soon
Mrs Beasley Glasses Repro Copy from Originals

Don't be fooled by other glasses for Mrs. Beasely that are TOO WIDE across the nose. My Glasses are copied from Mrs Beasley's  Original Glasses. Unlike the Plastic Originals (that are held on with a band). They are made from One Continuous Wire and Will Stay on Your Doll's Face without any help from a Rubber Band.  NEVER RUST, AND PAINT WILL NOT TRANSFER ON YOUR DOLL'S FACE.. SATIFACTION GUARANTEE. 

These Nice Glasses actually stay on with no help. No marks left on the doll after they are removed.

I make all the Glasses myself, so no two pair are exact, but are always simliar to these. All glasses in the picture above are of 3 different pairs, so as you can see they vary very little. Please see pictures and ask all questions before purchasing
$12.50 Beasley Glasses

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Any and All Returns of Glasses will incur a $3.00 Fee 
Plus all Shipping Cost.
All Returns must be in same condition  as sent.

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Glasses are $12.50 each which includes 1st Class Shipping and Delivery Confirmation. 

 Mrs. Beasley Glasses
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