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Shrinkin Violette
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Chatty Cathy Doll For Sale
She has a "BEAUTIFUL" Soft Face and Clear Blue Sleep Eyes - They Open and Close easliy with no sticking. She has her Original 2 Front Teeth and very pretty coloring. Her Hair is Blonde, very Clean and Shiny, she has the Pageboy Style with the Ends of her Hair Turned Under, and She still has the Red Velvet Headband. She has had "NO" Facial Touch-Ups !  She is clean and sweet smelling (no odors)

Chatty Cathy is wearing her Original Red and White Voile Sundress with the Original Red Ruffled Sunsuit under it. She has her Original White Socks and Original Red Velvet Shoes that are stamped Japan on the inside.

She comes in her "Original Box" that is dated 1959 on the back. It is in GOOD CONDITION with Bright Graphics, Sturdy, but the Original Carrying Handle is broken, worn but still All there, also her Tab is there but will no longer hold the box shut (see pictures). Back of the box is Stamped "1959" Mattel INC, Hawthorne Calif Patent Pending, Box has some Wear, but No Broken Corners. Most of the wear is in the Tab and the Handle...Also there is some light writing on the box with a lead pencil which say "chatty chaty toy" and "ccy" 

 With all These dolls APPARENTLY THE RECORD IN HER VOICE BOX WORKS BEST IF THE DOLL IS VERTICAL POSITION. So keep her sitting/standing an hour or so for her best voice. . I see no scars on her seams. Click on any picture to enlarge it.

 $250.00 which includes Free Priority Shipping  & Delivery Confirmation within the First 48 States
(Alaska or Hawaii Add $10.00 Postage)
If you need a larger picture, please Email me
1963 Vintage Pull String Talking "SHRINKIN VIOLETTE" By Mattel
Complete with Original Box 

She was the "Sweetheart" of THE FUNNY COMPANY TV SHOW
Back in 1963

Beautiful, Professionally Cleaned Inside and Out.  No Rips or Tears. 
Her Voicebox has been Cleaned and Repair.
Her Lips will Move...Her Eyes will Open and Close As She Talks. She is now 49 Years Old. Her Tag has Faded but She has all New Replacement Ribbons for her Hair. (Her Old Ribbons will be Included in Case They are Wanted.)

She says All Her 11 Original Saying, some which are:

"I’m called Shrinking Violet."
"Will you Take Care of Me?"
"I have Butterflies in my Tummy."
"I’mAfraid of Noisy Boys."
"I Like to be Your Friend."
"It’s just Awful to be Shy."
"Please Help me Talk to People."
"I wish People wouldn’t Look at me."
"People are Always so Big"

Her box is in Very Good Sound Condition as you can see from the Pictures, Just Click on SMALL PICTURE BELOW to EnlargeThem).

 Box has some Paper Tape on the Bottom as Shown which Doesn't take away from its Appearance.
Email me if you need more Pictures.
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$329.00 which includes Priority Mail Shipping with  Delivery Confirmation for the  First  48 States 
(Alaska or Hawaii Add $7.50 Postage)


Please feel free to ask any questions and Thank you for looking.
International Sells: there may be an added shipping cost depending where you live.

Please feel free to ask any questions and Thank you for looking.
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Hello and Welcome to our Doll Repair Service & Doll Sales.  I (Belle) love to collect the old 1960's Mattel Pull-String Talking Dolls. We buy ones that no longer talk and restore them back to almost new and make them sound great. 
 But now we have too many and are selling off all out extras. 
 We also repair other people's Soft Bodied Dolls for a reasonable charge.
Belle Davis 
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I will be listing quite a few more dolls so keep checking in or if there's one you're wanting to purchase and it's not shown, I probably have it so just "Contact Me"
Vintage Mattel 1966 Pull String "TEACHY TALK" Patter Pillow 
 She TALKS ...
16 inches. Body still has bright coloring and Mattel tag. . Her shoes have buckles she has a side button pocket and a laced one on other side. She has her Comb, Brush and little Purse and comes with her Original Box

 "TEACHY TALK" is her name, she is a cute 1971 Mattel Patter Pillow Doll that teaches your child how to button up, tie bows, use Buckles. She measures about 16" long. Her colors are still bright she has 2 pockets, one pocket that laces and pocket one that buttons. She has whisps of blonde hair on her forehead and at the nap of her neck. She has no rips or repairs. The only flaw I've found is she has a light mark on her hand as you see in the picture.
Pull her string to hear:
"I'm all buttons and bows ..giggles"
"We should brush our hair every night"
"Please buckle my shoes so I won't trip"
"If my pockets not buttoned, I'll lose my comb"
"Do you have a comb and a brush too??"


 Free Priority Shipping  & Delivery Conformation within the First 48 States
(Alaska or Hawaii Add $5.00 Postage)
Click on Small Pics below to Enlarge
Click on small Pics Below to Enlarge
No International Sells

Alaska/Hawaii Additional Postage

Please feel free to ask any questions and Thank you for looking.
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I will List another Chatty Cathy Below
1969 Flossie 
"A Roaring 20's Doll still in Her Original Box

Flossie Ddoll that is in her Ooriginal Box is in beautiful condition and is complete.  She is nice and bright with no major stains, tears or defects that I can see.  Her Necklace, Earrings and Pom Poms are still attached to her, as is her Original Tag and White O-Ring.  Her Pullstring still works and  SHE Still TALKs, Her original box is in great condition overall, with NO BINGS OR BANGS however, the Celophane is ripped down the front of the box.  It is still there, but it is hanging at the Front, intact on the back. 

She Saids all Her Saying which Include
"Oohh, boop boop be doop",
 "Raccoon Coats, Wow!",
"I Love Little Old You", 
"You're a Real Cutie Pie", 
"Wo Do Do Di o Do" 
 "Rumble Seats are the Rage".

She is appro. 11" tall Looks ready to Dance the Charleston for you

 Free Priority Shipping with  Delivery Conformation within the First 48 States
(Alaska or Hawaii Add $5.00 Postage)

No International Sells 

Please feel free to ask any questions and Thank you for looking.

Click on Small Pics below to Enlarge
Any and All Returns will incur  a $20.00 Fee 

Plus all Shipping Cost (cost spend to SEND TO your home and Back to my home.

All Returns must be in same condition as sent or they will not be accepted.


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International Sells: 
Canada, HI, Alaska: Add $35.00
All Other: Add $40.00
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